Stop Looking for It

I’m a scaredy cat.

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I don’t say that to be cute either. Legitimately, almost everything scares me. Here’s a list of a few of those things:

  • frogs
  • lizards
  • snakes
  • grass (because frogs, lizards, or snakes might be in it)
  • rodents
  • big bugs
  • little bugs
  • Pieces of lint (that I usually assume are bugs)
  • birds
  • squirrels
  • And even shadows (if I glance at them too quickly)

See, I wasn’t lying. I’m a certified chicken.

Being the chicken that I am, any time I have to walk in sketchy places, my anxiety skyrockets. My office happens to be one of those sketchy places. That being said, whenever I go to work I have to give myself a pep talk because for the fifty or so feet I walk between my car door and the door to the office, it feels like I’m walking through the Amazon rain forest. In reality though, i’m just walking past a large patch of grass filled with bugs and a wall where lizards like to crawl. Whenever I’m about to go on this fifty foot journey I have to psych myself up. “You’re gonna make it girl.” “Be strong girl.” And then I take a deep breath, quicken my pace and pray my way to the door. But you know what gets me every time?! I look around and usually, I see one of the things on the above list.

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See, when you are looking for something, you usually find it. When you’re looking for something to make you mad, you find it. When you’re looking for something to stress you out, you find it. And in my case, when i’m looking for something to scare me, I usually find it. So, I have a tiny nugget for you today, stop looking for it.

Now, you may be wondering, yes, I did test this theory. The last few times I’ve walked into my office I focused on the office door. I didn’t look at my surroundings. I didn’t look for the lizards or the bugs. And you know what? I didn’t see any either. Some of us get so focused on what could happen or what might take place that we look for any sign to confirm that thing we fear. What we should do instead is focus on the positive, focus on the goal, and stop giving all of our energy to that which we fear. Keep your focus on where you’re going and what you’re doing and give yourself the gift of peace. Stop looking for the distractions and keep your focus on the goal.

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