#MondayMeditation 6/6-6/11

Can I ask you a question? How many times have you told yourself that as soon as whatever circumstances get straightened out that you would do A, B, or C? So many times we find ourselves convincing ourselves that we will get around to pursuing that dream, dealing with that issue, or seeking happiness and wholeness as soon as (fill in the blank) happens. But, it always seems like when that particular item is off of our checklist, we find a way to add something else keeping our dreams or desired tasks elusive.  We’re not doing anything but tricking ourselves into thinking we’re being productive when in actuality, we’re stalling. Hoping that by some magical opportunity we will feel ready and be able to move beyond our fear, procrastination, doubts, worries, etc to be able to fully pursue with abandon that thing we must do. But honestly, with this mindset, we never will.

I read Ecclesiastes 11: 4 (it messed me up y’all) It reads, Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. Why does it seem so revolutionary to focus on the task instead of our surrounding circumstances? See, our circumstances, though they may change will always be present to block us from following through. That’s the nature of distractions. They exist to shift our focus and keep us busy but not productive.  We can’t always change our circumstances, but WE CAN change our mindset and what we choose to focus on. 

So this week I challenge you to focus on the task and not the distracting circumstances. Get er done y’all!

Let’s do this,

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