#MondayMeditation 5/15-5/21

Pride is sneaky and divisive. If you don’t keep it in check, it will slowly creep its way in your heart and move you away from your loved ones, your purpose, and from God. I know this because its happened to me a couple of times. Most recently, it happened last week. I really needed help with something but I wouldn’t allow myself to ask for it. I wanted to know I could do it myself. After I exhausted all of my mental resources twice over, I finally reached out for assistance. Not because I wanted to, but, because I felt like I had no other option. And just like He does when we surrender our will to His, God stepped in. God used someone to help me and remind me that when I humble myself, He will always meet my need.

Sometimes we wear pride as a badge of honor. We like to feel like we can do everything ourselves and don’t need others to help us. I’m learning though that the real honor is in being able to put your pride aside and let others help you. When you do that, you open the door for God to amaze you with His provision. See, we honor God by acting in humility. We honor ourselves by getting the help we need.

I don’t know what your particular needs have been lately or what they may be this week, but I want to encourage you to release your pride and not be too afraid or stubborn to ask for help. We all need each other some times. God designed us to live in community and relationship with one another. Set yourself free. Stop pushing yourself to meet impossible standards. Don’t let your pride keep you from getting what you need.

Have a FABULOUS Week!

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  1. Maria says:

    Beautiful message as always! ❤

    • The Unlikely Blog says:

      Thanks Maria <3

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